January 27, 2013

step right up

mom fail... 

so on december 15th my babes turned one! my husband and i decided we would like to attempt a project when it comes to yearly pictures. my husband is very interested in side show banners and i too find the simplicity in their impact to be outstanding. 

so together we have decided that every year, as much as we have to fight with these two, they will become characters worthy of coney island! 

initially i thought i could capture the spirit of what we were trying to create in these photos... and well wa wa wa that would be a no, and so our talented and awe inspiring photo journalist friend Steve Hebert http://www.stevehebert.net/ took on the challenge and all i can say is coney island eat your heart out! 

Introducing: Bell the Snake Charmer and Pistol the Strong Man 

and a big thank you to Steve Hebert and family for allowing us to have some of his precious time!


  1. I LOVE this!! You are such an AWESOME mommy!!

  2. Hi there first time visitor here and I love it. I just wanted to tell you this yearly photo theme is fantastic. Your kids will have some awesome photos to look back on one day!