January 20, 2013

happy new year she said with sarcasm

my motivation to blog my little heart out has wained as the 2013 plague gripped my household. we have thus far had a lot of firsts including double allergic reactions to what we have been told was due to egg consumption. resulting in taking these immune compromised babes to the pediatrician due to hives which resulted in my bell getting influenza b which was passed to pistol, then to me and then my husband. ultimately leading to pistols first ear ache and over 300.00 in pediatrician visits and follow up copays.

sleep has been limited or interrupted for weeks... my husband in the guest bed with one babe and me with the other due to middle of the night awakenings and refusals to go back to sleep. from what i read this is rather normal for babes after turning one, however for us it has been a drastic change in the equilibrium of our first rodeo.

yet, attempting to be optimistic i am looking towards the bright side and well within the various emotional challenges of our firsts of 2103 there has thus been several gems including our first time swinging ever.  however, when it comes to bell with fun always come tears. so i share with you our first trip to the park of 2013 braving 40 degree weather and the trauma that is swinging!

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  1. Haha, I love all of Bells different facial expressions! Especially in the first pic! :-)