December 30, 2012

Dear Santa

i have been pacing back and forth in anticipation to blog the pictures from my babes first birthday bash on 12/15/2012... unfortunately, although well worth the wait, i will continue to pace.

so with that said, i will move onto christmas and the craziness it is... in the frenzy of trying to diligently make our obligations to christmas eve and christmas festivities we some how forgot to take a moment and capture a family picture... or even a picture of the babes in their christmas best.

i have now realized what is important... after  stretching the limits with two teething, low grade fever having, sleep deprived due to missed naps, snot blowing down right grumpy twins i have come to the realization, my only obligation... is to them.

at a time where present opening is still overwhelming for these babes... i now reflect on the importance of honoring their needs. and when awaken at 5:30am on christmas morning by two wide awake babes that refused to return to sleep... as a family we opened presents with some of the only smiles we saw throughout this rough christmas holiday.

i will say, i look froward to next year when my babes have the drive to tear open their own gifts... it is such a bittersweet moment to know the presents your tearing into to assist your babes at 5:30am are the very reason you were up until 1:30am, 4 sad hours prior, wrapping presents diligently.

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