December 5, 2012


this mama has been overwhelmingly busy, self induced, as of late. participation in handmade ornament swaps, hosting book exchanges and preparing for my babes 1 year birthday.... eek.

yet, with being a mama, i ordered, facilitated and captured what has become the o'rourke holiday card for this year. holiday card, meaning i wont get them till the 19th of dec to be challenged to mail them all by the 20th. 

for this mama i had a few gems this year that i could have picked out to highlight our family. 

however, as i have said in the past everything is relative. as a mama of twins who have had some delay in milestone development; i have spent many a days fretting over my babes journey through challenges. 

wondering, assuming, contemplating, and listening to others... all in all freaking myself out. so with that said, you will understand why it is we decided to screw having our babes looking at the camera and highlighted who these babes currently are for that perfect picture.

as they are so not interested in their mother and fathers attempt to humor them!

here is a little screen shot of what the holiday card looks like!


  1. Cutest pictures ever. You are so creative! I love it!

  2. Seriously... so honored my little cardinal topped your tree! And your kiddos gotta be the cutest EVER. ;-)

    Thank you friend! NIcky

  3. How did you attach the lights to the wall? It looks great! I want to try this.

  4. It was not a good idea and created many holes ... nails!