November 26, 2012

damn flash

so i co-hosted my first bridal shower yesterday... for my girlfriend who is having a swank court house wedding on 12.12.2012.

my girlfriend has a particular aesthetic which sent me in the direction of a vintage inspired shabby chic bridal shower. as a mom with two babes at home, my time is limited, yet i found that all i wanted to do was make handmade crafts for the decorations... ha ha ha, just call me an idiot!

the shower was gorgeous and although the pictures that follow do not do justice to the beauty of the space... it was a rather magical, simplistic, and quaint shabby chic affair!

note: 9th floor loft event spaces with one wall without floor to ceiling windows... fabulous party environment. wa wa waaaa for lovely photography, as Kansas City, blessed us with another beautiful sunny day in November.

the bride...

the event space...


crafting fool...

i would say... job well done!

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  1. I love the loft space. The decorations you made a beautiful x