November 26, 2012

all smiles... who the fuck am i kidding

thanksgiving has come and gone... which ultimately means my babes are closer to being one, ugh! i did not have the opportunity to get my holiday craft on for this particular holiday as i was engrossed with decorations for my girlfriend's bridal shower which was yesterday. however, as with every special moment i stole some time to document my babes in their thanksgiving best. as with everything, it has become more difficult to obtain pleasant or forward facing portraits of these two...

from our house to yours... be afraid, be very afraid and happy holidays.

i think it is about time to dust off photoshop and get back to the heart of picture manipulation... however there is something so relevant about the grainy, seedy and dingy photos that give a nod to real life!

as i said then and i will say now... i am so thankful for all that i have, especially grumpy babies.

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