August 9, 2012

land of the lost

okay... i must admit i am sometimes a very lazy mama. my intentions are selfish, yep i said selfish. as a stay at home mom, for the most part, there are days when i can barely drag my ass out of bed. it's been a normal routine for several months that after the 6:00 am feed my babes return to their cribs to slumber. however, the tides are a changing. with the change has come a new orchestra of sounds from pistol. i would have no problem thinking that the sounds i hear coming from the baby monitor sound like what i would assume a baby pterodactyl would sound like. and then it dawned on me, ha ha, we might have very well predispositoned pistol to emulate the sounds of a baby pterodactyl since his first bath.
however... then i realized that the bath towel to which i remember as dinosaur themed was in fact that of a shark. damn, if i have to take a second guess where these sounds originated... i will have to blame my husband. he was never good at being quiet when these two were in utero.

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