July 13, 2012

torti what? plagio who?

at 28 weeks my ambitious thoughts of a natural vaginal birth were thrown to the wind. i was informed that my lovely daughter who found a secure nest on top of my bladder was breeched and first in line... most likely, not willing to give up her placement. initially i had thought that my stubborn little bell had refused to give up her place in line but the more i learn about her positional plagiocephaly in utero and torticollis i realized her big, little, brother hogged the womb. 6 days after birth, as a family, we went home to adapt to our new roles. taking my daughter in for the first time in our natural surroundings i noticed that not only did she favor laying to left but that the left side of her head appeared flat. i pointed out my concern to the pediatrician and was told to keep an eye on her. more appointments, more suggestions to attempt to get my infant daughter to lay on her right side... resulted in an appointment with a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon which led to a diagnosis of positional plagiocephaly and torticollis. with scripts in hand bell was introduced to physical and occupational therapy.

we worked diligently in an attempt to avoid cranial remolding orthosis. after multiple visits with the occupational therapist and the affirmation that bell's head control was appropriate my baby girl was measured for a helmet. 
two days ago we picked up the helmet and learned the crucial process of acclimating bell to wearing it. prior to implementing, my talented tattoo artist husband painted the helmet. day 1 began the journey of bell and her helmet, one hour on and one hour off with no naps or bedtime with the helmet. 
today, is day 2 and it has been rough. two hours on and one hour off with no naps or bedtime with the helmet. although the most traumatic part for my baby is not wearing the helmet but the act of taking it off and putting it on. 
tomorrow is day 3, four hours on and one hour off wearing the helmet at nap and bedtime. the ultimate goal is 23 hours a day of helmet wearing for 3 to 4 months. 

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