August 23, 2012

from a dictatorship to a democracy

so my babes turned 8 months on wednesday the 15th, i am lagging, and as it has become the norm around these parts that my talented husband watercolors a sign to be used as a mile marker while i attempt to freeze my babes rapid growth in print. granted all i want to truly do is cry as these two continue to climb without haste up the age ladder. now usually i can capture at least one perfect picture out of the 90 to 160 i snap. i guess i should define my idea of perfection, faces smiling, looking directly at me while remaining still so this expensive camera, that should have heat seeking accuracy, attempts to get both babes in focus at the same time. well it has come the time that my understanding of perfection needs to be slightly tweaked. as the personalities of my babes continues to flourish so does this mama's understanding that perfection is the simple act of allowing these two to dictate their own canvas... and man is it beautiful!


  1. I love this!! I love the next to last shot and your hubby's handiwork is amazing.

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