September 10, 2012

get over it mama

i  often post pictures of my babes on IG with a caption seeking to obtain sympathy that these two heavenly babes are already engaging in private conversations with the unwritten law no mum's allowed... wink to my australian mums. i know i should suck it up and not take it personally after all these two danced around each other vying for precious space in a cramped uterus. i can honestly tell you when i was first presented with the genders of these two... my heart sunk, for a brief moment, as i grieved over the same gender relationship that would never be. however, i kicked my own ass, fighting the temptation to wallow and was thankful for two healthy growing beings. and now i can't imagine it any other way. i have the best of both worlds and as these two continue to flourish the beauty of their hands on relationship and private discourse make me ashamed that i ever discounted the nature of their relationship... as you see these two have an unspoken understanding that i can only wish i could decode. 


  1. I'm a twin...identical sister, 36 mins apart mIrror Image shes left handed Im rIght...growing up my parents said we always had our own language. We would lose teeth a week (or days) apart the same tooth! When one of us would get hurt it worked the same way...creepy. At 30 years old she is still my best friend....I hope yours are always that close!

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  2. It is so true. They just know each other. Mine spend much of mealtime holding hands or touching feet. It's awesome.