July 2, 2012


with haste i jumped right into my first attempt at a blog post. although basic in content it's one of those moments i would have bronzed if viable. bronzed, as my friend pointed out, i seem to be treading awfully close to what could constitute as being the recipient of my sons first attempt at a "golden shower".

but all sarcasm aside...

how does one explain the uninhibited actions... the daily morsels of true love afforded to us for the simple task, said lightly, of being a mama. bell and pistol are 28 weeks old and as preemies are laxed in their pursuit of "normal" when it comes to negotiating developmental milestones. i have been pining over the recent attempts of my babes to return affection. big, open mouthed, drool infected... sloppy kisses. of course i attempted to document these sacred moments with... yep, my IPhone, lame!
you will have to forgive my ignorance on how to manipulate pictures in a format that is visually pleasing. but you get the idea.

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