July 3, 2012

hee haw

when my twins were born i coined a new trademark, said with sarcasm, to define the finite understanding that our lives would no longer belong to us... which translated to, our first rodeo.

today, during my daily sweep of IG i saw a picture of a girlfriend's adorable twin girls... her little ones had tussled with one another and thus a bloody nose ensued. my comment was a playful understanding that in my not so distant future i too will be mending twin inflicted wounds... both emotional and physical.

although sibling tussles have already occurred with my twins... it has been unintentional. at least i choose to believe that... like when mom or dad places the twins side by side, to return a moment later and one has turned their body 90 degrees and is kicking the other in the head... see unintentional.

however after my thought provoking comment, referenced above... our first rodeo encountered: miss. intentional and miss. i didn't do it.

and so... as is said, put your dukes up.

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