August 9, 2013

ignorant bliss

Oh kansas, you seem a little confused, if memory serves me right it goes APRIL showers bring MAY flowers… although, who am I to complain about rain in August. Not I; normally the Midwest would be brutal with the need to seek refuge from the blistering heat but instead we have enjoyed the influx of mosquitos and lots of mud...

A child’s dream playground; no concrete jungle for these babes of mine!

And so,  last weeks family adventure landed us at Hillsdale State Park, with every intention of remaining for, wait for it, 48 hours!


It’s a learning curve people, seriously I know somewhere there is a punch line associated to the joke, how many trips in a travel trailer does it take, to make it past 24 hours…

It’s the little things in life, and in this particular circumstance just pure ignorance. We laughed when we saw people at the site driving 5 miles an hour towing these dwarfed plastic containers. WTF, it looked ridiculous, we were dumfounded by what they could possibly be?

Well ladies and gents, tah dah, we are the assholes … that coveted plastic container in the RV world is a 30 gallon tote-along tank. Yep, when you have given your babes three baths thus far and cleaning up from your fifth meal, it's at that very moment you turn to your husband and make some sarcastic remark  regarding the water that is pooling in the sink… and then you check the bathtub.


See what we needed at that moment was yep, a 30 gallon tote-along tank, and since we are super smart and did not even know those existed, fucking unicorns, we did not have one. Which required hooking the trailer back up to the truck and taking it to the waste water dump site at the park to then unhitch and set everything back up again, too daunting. So the decision was made to head for the hills… oh wait, I mean away from the hills.

Oh the humor in our daily life, so with two 19 month olds we had to pack up and hitch the trailer in 30 minutes. Oh why, you ask, we were smart and only stayed an hour and 15 minutes from the storage facility but it was 7:50pm and the storage facility closes at 10:00pm.

Bam! Success 9:47pm trailer drop and headed home…

Lesson 1: Things that look ridiculous in RV parks are a necessity

Lesson 2: Survival of the fittest requires many gadgets


Lesson 3: Not a thing matters when you have results such as these


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